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The Following is a list of every issue published by Blue & Gray Magazine. Please note that many of these issues are still available, but NOT ALL OF THEM. For a list of available issues, please click the “Shop Now” button above to enter our on-line store. Only the issues listed in our online store are available. If a title is highlighted as a link, you can read an excerpt from the issue by following the link. Download your Free searchable PDF Article Index of the last 32 years of Blue & Gray.

VOLUME I, 1983-84

1. John Brown’s Harpers Ferry Raid
2. Battle of Perryville, Ky.
3. Battle of Fredericksburg, Va.
4. Life of Lincoln
5. Fort Sumter, S.C.
6. Battles at Spotsylvania C.H., Va.

VOLUME II, 1984-85

7. Battle of Franklin, Tenn.
8. Mysteries of Spring Hill, Tenn.
9. Battle of Port Republic, Va.
10. Civil War Sites in Eastern Ohio
11. Appomattox, Court House, Va.
12. Civil War at the Confluence: Columbus-Cairo-Belmont

VOLUME III, 1985-86

13. Battle of Antietam, Md., 1
14. Battle of Antietam, Md., 2
15. Andersonville, Ga.
16. Battle of Olustee, Fla.
17. Defenses of Cincinnati, OH
18. Battle of Kernstown, Va.

VOLUME IV, 1986-87

19. Battle at Sabine Pass, Tex.
20. 13 Haunted Places
21. Battles for South Mountain, Md.
22. Johnson’s Island Prison, Oh.
23. Battle of Chantilly, Va.
24. Great Locomotive Chase

VOLUME V, 1987-88

25. Jackson’s Siege of Harper’s Ferry
26. Battle of Gettysburg, Day 1
27. Battle of Pea Ridge, Ark.
28. Battle of Gettysburg, Day 2
29. Burnside Invades North Carolina
30. Battle of Gettysburg, Day 3

VOLUME VI, 1988-89

31. Gettysburg Cavalry Operations
32. Morgan’s Last Raid, Ky. 1864
33. Battle of Stones River
34. Atlanta Campaign, 1
35. Atlanta Campaign, 2
36. Atlanta Campaign, 3

VOLUME VII, 1989-90

37. Bermuda Hundred, Va.
38. Sherman’s March to the Sea
39. Battle of Balls Bluff, Va.
40. Lincoln Assassination
41. John Wilkes Booth’s Escape Route
42. Sultana Disaster

VOLUME VIII, 1990-91

43. Battle of Brandy Station, Va.
44. St. Albans (Vt.) Raid
45. Savannah Campaign, Ga.
46. Winter Camp of the Army of the Potomac, ’63-’64
47. Price’s Missouri Raid, 1864
48. Battle of Saltville, Va.

VOLUME IX, 1991-92

49. 13 Haunted Places, 2
50. West Point during the Civil War
51. Forts Henry and Donelson, Tenn.
52. Battle of Five Forks, Va.
53. Life of Stonewall Jackson
54. Second Battle of Manassas, Va.

VOLUME X, 1992-93

55. Tullahoma Campaign, Tenn.
56. Battle of Monocacy, Md.
57. Battle of Mill Springs, Ky.
58. Battle of North Anna, Va.
59. Grierson’s Raid
60. Northwestern Va. Campaign, ’61

VOLUME XI, 1993-94

61. Loudoun Valley (Va.) Cav. Battles, ’63
62. Battle of Nashville, Tenn.
63. Port Gibson, Miss.
64. North Anna to the Crossing of the James, incl. Cold Harbor
65. New Mexico Campaign
66. McCausland’s Raid and Burning of Chambersburg

VOLUME XII, 1994-95

67. Morgan’s Escape from the Ohio Pen
68. Wilmington, N.C. and Fort Fisher
69. Gettysburg Vignettes–Buford-Iverson-Ewell
70. Battle of the Wilderness, Va., 1
71. Battle of the Wilderness, Va., 2
72. Sherman’s Return to Jackson, Miss., ’63

VOLUME XIII, 1995-96

73. Antietam Monuments and Other Stories
74. Battle of Bentonville, N.C.
75. Gettysburg Vignettes 2–Chamberlain-Oates-Farnsworth
76. Glimpse of Washington, D.C. during the Civil War
77. Grant’s March through Louisiana, ’63
78. Texas Brigade in the Md. Campaign

VOLUME XlV, 1996-97

79. Battle of Wilson’s Creek, Mo.
80. New York City in the Civil War
81. Battle of Shiloh, Tenn., 1
82. Battle of Shiloh, Tenn., 2
83. Gettysburg Vignettes 3–Eastern Flank
84. Wm. B. Cushing on the Cape Fear

VOLUME XV, 1997-98

85. Haunted Places of the Civil War, 3
86. Winchester, Va., in the Civil War
87. Cobb’s Brigade at Crampton’s Gap
88. Battle of Buffington Island, Oh.
89. Gettysburg Vignettes 4–Sickles’ Front
90. Stuart’s Ride Around McClellan, 1862

VOLUME XVI, 1998-99

91. Battle of Averasboro, N.C.
92. Artillery at Antietam
93. Battle of Secessionville, S.C.
94. Battle of New Market, Va.
95. Gettysburg Vignettes 5–Pickett’s Charge
96. Battle of Brice’s Cross Roads, Miss.

VOLUME XVII, 1999-2000

97. Surrender at Bennett Place, N.C.
98. Little Mac’s Last Stand, post-Antietam
99. Porter in NE Mo. & Palmyra Massacre
100. Operations of Mosby’s Rangers, Mosby’s Confederacy
101. Gettysburg Vignettes: Attack from the West–Reynolds vs. Heth, etc.
102. Operations of Mosby’s Rangers, The Shenandoah Valley

VOLUME XVIII, 2000-2001

103. Vicksburg Campaign– Battles of Raymond and Jackson
104. Battle of Lookout Mountain
105. Petersburg, VA, April 2, 1865
106. Lee’s Retreat to Appomattox
107. Vicksburg Campaign– Battles of Champion Hill and Big Black Bridge
108. Upton’s Attack at Spotsylvania

VOLUME XIX, 2001-2002

109. Operations of Mosby’s Rangers, Railroad Raids and the End of the War
110. Gettysburg Vignettes: XI Corps at Gettysburg
111. The Battle of Trevilian Station
112. The Battle of Mobile Bay
113. Cavalry on The Peninsula: Ft. Monroe to the Gates of Richmond, March to May 1862
114. Corinth (Siege and Battle) & Iuka

VOLUME XX, 2002-2003

115. Antietam Stories
116. Gettysburg: Culps’ Hill, Rose Farm, South Cavalry Field
117. The Kilpatrick-Dahlgren Raid on Richmond, February 28-March 4, 1864
118. The Siege of Vicksburg
119. The Battle of McDowell
120. Forrest in West Tennessee

VOLUME XXI, 2003-2004

121. Gettysburg: Artillery Duel (7/2), Anderson’s Attack (7/2), Before and After Hanover
122. The Burning of Columbia, SC
123. Lee Steals A March on Joe Hooker, June 1863
124. The Spindle Field and Laurel Hill Fighting: Spotsylvania Court House, Va
125. The Battle of Prairie Grove:War in the Ozarks
126. The Iron Grigade Earns Its Name: John Gibbon’s Brigade in the Maryland Campaign

VOLUME XXII, 2004-2005

127. Fredericksburg During the Civil War
128. Gettysburg: A Collection of Article by Gettysburg Historians
129. The Petersburg Campaign; Beefsteak Raid & Applejack Raid
130. The Battle of Falling Waters
131. Battle of Perryville
132. Romney Campaign

VOLUME XXIII, 2005-2006

133. Gettysburg: Farnsworth’s Charge, Skirmish at Fountaindale, and Culp’s Hill Action
134. The Little Bighorn Campaign: Civil War Veterans Die on the Plains
135. The Shenadoah Valley, July 1864
136. The Chickamauga Campaign • The Fall of Chattanooga
137. Action in the Petersburg Campaign: Weldon Railroad (Globe Tavern) and Reams’ Station
138. The Chickamauga Campaign • Bragg’s Lost Opportunity

VOLUME XXIV, 2006-2007

139. The Battle of Cedar Creek
140. Gettysburg: Action at the Wheatfield
141. The Chickamauga Campaign • The Armies Collide
142. The Fight at Davis Bridge Tennessee
143. The Battle of Fisher’s Hill
144. The Chickamauga Campaign • The Battle of Chickamauga, Day 1

VOLUME XXV, 2008-2009

145. The Battle of Ft. Stedman
146. The Chickamauga Campaign • The Battle of Chickamauga, Day 2
147. Lincoln At Gettysburg
148. Fredericksburg: Attack at the Stone Wall
149. Fredericksburg: The Real Battle of Fredericksburg
150. The Battle of Richmond, Kentucky

VOLUME XXVI, 2009-2010

151. The Battle of the “Mule Shoe”
152. The Battles of Bristoe Station
153. The Battle of Chickasaw Bayou
154. Hancocks’s Line at Gettysburg, July 3, 1863
155. Stonewall Jackson/Luray Valley ’62
156. Stoneman in North Carolina

VOLUME XXVII, 2010-2011

157. The Tullahoma Campaign
158. Third Battle of Winchetser
159. Van Dorn’s Holly Springs Raid
160. The Florida Brigade at Gettysburg
161. The Battle of First Manassas
162. The Battle of Spotsylvania, May 13-20, 1864

VOLUME XXVIII, 2011-2012

163. The Struggle for Port Hudson
164. The Battle of Port Republic
165. The Civil War in Indian Territory
166. The Battles for Forts Henry and Donelson
167. Action at Petersburg, March 25, 1865
168. The Battle of Stones River

VOLUME XXIX, 2012-2013

169. The Battle of Cross Keys
170. Second Manassas Part 1 (Action on Aug. 28-29, 1862)
171. Second Manassas Part 2 (Action on Aug. 30, 1862)
172. Chancellorsville Pt 1
173. Chancellorsville Pt 2
174. Missionary Ridge

VOLUME XXX, 2013-2014

175. Second Fredricksburg and Salem Church
176. Morgan’s Great Raid, 1863
177. Gettysburg Town Fight
178. The Battle of Franklin
179. The Battle of the Crater
180. The Battle of Tupelo

VOLUME XXXI, 2014-2015

181. The Bermuda Hundred Campaign
182. The Fought Like Veterans: The Civil War in Indian Territory
183. From Sailor’s Creek to Cumberland Church
184. Sherman in North Georgia: The Battle of Resaca
185. The Battle of The Rosebud
186. The North Anna Campaign

VOLUME XXXII, 2015-2016

187. Dalton • The Beginning of the Georgia Campaign
188. The Battle of Cedar Mountain
189. Chancellorsville Crossings
190. The Battle of Helena Ark.
191. Potomac Blockade
192. Battle of Bentonville, NC

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  1. ken #

    Is there a new Gettysburg issue in the works….


    March 30, 2016
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