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Volume 32, #6

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  1. Timothy Lee Norman #

    Can’t wait to receive this issue. Been waiting for a new one on Bentonville and especially a magazine to explain the truth about Great Britain and France why they didn’t back the Confederacy. Lincoln being friends with the Czars of Russia kept the two European powers out of the war.


    March 20, 2017
  2. stefan slivka #

    I visited Bentonville back in early 80`s, when it was still a pristine battlefield. In Harper`s House you could feel the horrors which occurred there, in the field hospital. In my opinion, had it not been for meddling of Braxton Bragg in established command, Confederates would have a chance in putting one Union corps out of action, at least for some time. But it is only an opinion… Stefan Slivka,Germany


    March 27, 2017

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