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Merry Christmas!


As 2014 winds to an end, all of us at Blue & Gray wish you a safe and Merry Christmas.

Morgan’s Great Raid Photo Gallery

Follow the link below to view photo’s and descriptions of additional sites that were not included in the original 2014 Morgan’s Great Raid issue.

Morgan’s Great Raid

Chickamauga Supplements

These two supplements include additional information that could not be included in the Spring and Summer 2008 Chickamauga issues due to space limitations.

Chickamauga Staff Ride Day 1: Chickamauga Day 1

Chickamauga Staff Ride Day 2: Chickamauga Day 2

The Real Mudwall Jackson

Download the special supplement to the Fall 2006 issue:

Will the Real “Mudwall” Jackson Please Stand Up?
by Geoffrey R. Walden

Mudwall Jackson

Petersburg Complete notes

Download the Complete End Notes from the Summer 2005 Petersburg Actions: Beefsteak and Applejack Raids issue.

Petersburg notes

Seward Osborne’s Iron Brigade Rebuttal

Download Seward R. Osborne’s Iron Brigade rebuttal from the Holiday 2004 issue.

Iron Brigade Rebuttal

Parker’s Crossroads Supplement

Download the supplement to the Fall 2003 Parker’s Crossroads issue. (pdf)

Fall 03 Supplement

Bermuda Hundred

Volume XXXI, #1 • An Excerpt From:

Bermuda Hundred

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by Herbert Schiller

In the early spring of 1864, the Federal and Confederate armies began preparing for their fourth campaign season. Much had changed in three years of war. The shrunken Confederacy was largely on the defensive. Facing the large Federal Army of the Potomac in the east was Robert E. Lee’s Army of Northern Virginia. In the west, William T. Sherman’s Union forces at Chattanooga, Tennessee, faced Joe Johnston’s Army of Tennessee in northwest Georgia.

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Battle of Tupelo, MS

Volume XXX Issue #6 • An Excerpt From:

The Battle of Tupelo

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by Tom Parson

Maj. Gen. William T. Sherman’s army—or rather his army group—was on the move. In the first week of May 1864, his blue columns had left their camps around Chattanooga and begun the 120-mile march to Atlanta. Gen. Joseph E. Johnston’s Army of Tennessee stood ready, if not able, to halt the Union commander’s endeavors. Sherman’s 98,000 soldiers nearly doubled Johnston’s force of 50,000.

Johnston had no illusions whether he could stand up to the three Union armies as they entered Georgia from the north: a stand up fight was out of the question. What Johnston could do, and in fact did, was to maneuver when he could, fall back when he had to, and wait for his adversary to make a mistake. If he could take advantage of an error on Sherman’s part, Joe Johnston might be able to even the odds.

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Bermuda Hundred Important Tour Information

My goal in the last issue on the Bermuda Hundred Driving Tour was simply to indicate where Ben Butler’s earthworks crossed W. Hundred Road. In doing so I violated a cardinal rule of The General’s Tour by including a site I did not personally visit, though I did observe the site 25 years ago while preparing our 1989 issue on Bermuda Hundred, and it appeared on that issue’s Tour Map. Once the 2014 Tour was laid out, I realized there was one set of earthworks not included that could complete a tour of Butler’s Final Line as it stretched north beyond W. Hundred Road (Rt. 10) toward the James River.

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