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Editors Letter: The Gettysburg Town Fight

The following is the Editor’s Letter from The Gettysburg Town Fight, Volume 30, #3

Gettysburg Town Fight

While walking the streets of Gettysburg and seeing a small bronze plaque identifying a house or shop as a Civil War building, have you ever wondered who lived there during the battle, was it a home or a business (or both), were the occupants owners or tenants? Well, Gettysburg Licensed Battlefield Guide Gerald Bennett experienced that, and did something about it.

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The Gettysburg Town Fight!

Volume XXX Issue #3 • An Excerpt From:

The Gettysburg Town Fight

by David G. Martin

Gettysburg in the spring of 1863 was a bustling market town typical of those in southeastern Pennsylvania at the time; the fact that it was the Adams County seat and nexus of ten roads and one railroad added to its activity level. The town had been painfully involved in the great Civil War that had been waging for two years and had sent its fair share of soldier boys to join the conflict. Though the town was located just a day’s travel north of the Potomac, Gettysburgians little expected that the war would physically come to them. That is exactly what happened at the beginning of the summer, when two great armies converged on the town to fight what is generally considered to be the most important battle of the war.

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